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Jun. 8th, 2009 11:04 pm
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I've just been squatting on the name at this point. Very little blogging to be done... a whole lot of life to be lived. I was considering going to the gym tonight, and realistically I still could... alas... I fear I might be too tired* to go.

* aka lazy.
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Y'know, as harsh as I am to the world. As much of a b*tch I am all the time. As much as I hate the world 99.9% of the time, inside lurks the most hidden romantic. Only I would cry watching A Cinderella Story (yes, with Hilary Duff, leave me alone!). I mean, really?

Granted the hormonal imbalance doens't help, but really? A Cinderella Story?

*hangs head in shame*

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There are far too many confounding variable that seem to be contributing to the whole "high blood pressure" situation I am now finding myself in. Let's make ourselves a tiny list of all of the possible contributing things.
  1. Estrogen in the birth control. They would not have written me a prescription had I had a blood pressure problem a year or so ago.
  2. Stress. School has sucked for the last 2 semester forcing me to feel extremely overwhelmed. The break-up with the ex and all of the drama revolving around him also contributed to stress.
  3. High sodium diet. Not just fast food and take out, but the cup o' noodles/easy mac diet for quick meals
  4. Weight gain. Yes. I've gained a significant amount of weight for multiple reasons. See #3 as well as eating out for convenience. Not only that, when everything else was sucking pretty hardcore, candy, sugar, soda and all things bad for you made me feel better. Yes, food was my therapy.
  5. Did I mention stress? Oh yeah, I did. Damn. How about I regularly take NSAID (Aleve, and Naproxem Sodium) for headaches.
  6. Oh yes, and I'm getting old.
Put it all together, and you get the mess that I am. I'm hoping that I can bring this back down to semi-normal rather than "almost sent you to the ER."

*double sigh*

I'm definitely not happy.

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I always hated that I never got in on the LJ nonsense when it first started. I didn't like the idea of "hitting up someone" for a friend code, and thus, was a late comer to the LJ scene. And once I came along it was infested with far too much nonsense.

I thank the lovely zannah for inviting me into the fold...

We shall see if this becomes a happy friendly place for writing. :)

New Places

May. 6th, 2009 04:02 pm
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New places are always fun to play around with. We shall see how often (or not often) I use this.

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